We are Strengths Strategists

Are you seeking mentoring and ideas on how to sharpen your expertise with the R2 Strengths Profiler? We can provide expert guidance in using this valuable tool in your coaching engagements and in workshop settings. We also provide accreditation for coaches and HR/L&D professionals with the R2 Strengths Profiler.

R2 Strengths Profiler Supervision

Strength Catalyst Partners were among the very first coaches to become accredited with the R2 Strengths Profiler when it came onto the market. Subsequently and consistently working in a consulting capacity with Capp Ltd., SCP has extensive knowledge and experience working with the R2 tool in individual personal and professional coaching engagements, group coaching programs, corporate workshops, public speaking engagements and retreat programs. We can lend our expertise to help you:

  • Learn the R2 model and the recommended method of debriefing the Profile
  • Interpret your client’s R2 Introductory or Expert profile, particularly those that appear to be unusual
  • Understand your client’s Team R2 Profile, plus generate ideas and theories for your client
  • Design individual or workshop exercises that will leverage the tool and address your client’s needs/goals
  • Deepen awareness of your own approach to coaching, given your R2 Profiler
  • Become acquainted with other strength tools, approaches and resources

Learn more about the R2 Strengths Profiler

Accreditation Program for the R2 Strengths Profiler

Develop your knowledge of strengths and of R2 on this two-day face to face course or five-week virtual program for managers, HR/L&D professionals and coaches.

  • Introduction to strengths and R2: How are strengths applied in practice? What is the business case for strengths? How and why was R2 developed? What are the reliability and validity of the R2 Profiler?
  • R2 and You: Develop your strength-spotting skills. Learn how to interpret your own R2 profile report. Establish the difference between the sixty R2 strengths. Know how to use Capp’s R2 model of development in your work. Gain confidence in your ability to apply strengths best practice in your work.
  • R2 and Others: Enable others to set goals effectively using their R2 strengths profile. Experience performing R2 debriefs. Learn practical exercises to be used in your coaching and teamwork engagements. Gain insights into how R2 can be applied in many workplace situations.

To register or to obtain more information, Email Colleen.