Colleen Boselli, Principal

Colleen Boselli

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Colleen is a leadership coach who focuses on empowering and inspiring executives to maximize their strengths — as a means to optimizing their leadership and management skills. She has 25+ years of noteworthy experience as a corporate leader, consultant and business coach.

Working with executives in a wide range of industries across cultures and continents, Colleen delivers customized coaching, team facilitation, webinars and motivational talks for clients in the U.S., Europe and Asia. She has had a thriving executive coaching practice since 2001.

Colleen’s work often includes strategic decision-making, problem solving and goal-setting programs to enable executives to maximize their corporate performance. Recognized as an intelligent, creative thinker, Colleen’s action-oriented approach ensures her clients are equipped with the tools and confidence to seize opportunities and overcome obstacles. Her strengths-based approach to coaching is rooted in a deep commitment to the principles of Positive Psychology. She believes that this foundation enables a client to be deeply self-aware, equipped to self-regulate, and better able to authentically and sustainably make the changes they desire.

Client History
Colleen has worked with professionals in sectors such as: high technology/search, hospitality/restaurant services, internet/social media, consulting services, financial services, education, advertising, retail, biotech, FMCG, academia and more.  A partial list of organizations with whom she has worked includes Google, The Red Sox, WeWork, Workday, Bloomberg, BlackRock, Vanguard, Boston Consulting Group, ADP, Fortum, Infor, MetLife, NBC Universal, USTA, Pfizer, Udemy, Netflix, LinkedIn, Thomson Reuters, The TJX Companies, Fidelity, Cadbury, Staples, Unilever, and Proctor & Gamble. Colleen also commits a significant portion of her time to pro bono clients, serving senior executives and teams within not-for-profit organizations. She also leads highly regarded group coaching programs for women and provides strengths coaching to cancer patients.

Prior Experience

Prior to becoming an Executive Coach, Colleen spent 20 years in advertising and marketing. Her expertise in leadership branding, persuasive communication, and effective teamwork began when she held senior-level positions with worldwide advertising agencies, J. Walter Thompson and DDB. While there, she worked extensively in the account management of brands and services for Kraft Foods, Sprint, Clorox, General Mills and The Discover Card. In subsequent years, she managed agency departments and held the position of Director of Talent Development with Arnold Worldwide in Boston.

Education and Affiliations
Colleen holds a degree in Speech Communication from Boston College and a Business Coaching accreditation from London-based Meyler-Campbell, a program accredited by the Worldwide Association of Business Coaching. She is credentialed with the Strengths Profile assessment tool, and she works in a consultant capacity with this organization. She is also a coach/consultant for Sloan Group International as well as a coach for the Landit, a technology platform created to increase the success and engagement of leaders, high potentials and undiscovered talent.

Her coaching supervisor is Carol Kauffman, PhD, Associate Professor at Harvard’s McLean Hospital and Director of the Institute of Coaching. Colleen is a Founding Fellow with this professional organization.

“I was blown away by how much I learned about myself through the exercises Colleen facilitated. The assessments also provide terrific insights into personal and professional relationships, and serve as handy tools for helping others identify and maximize their strengths. This program is a life-changer, and something everyone should have the chance to experience. If you have not yet heard about Colleen’s credentials, you should know that she is a world-renowned coach whose client list ranges from world champion baseball teams to Silicon Valley technology greats.”
– Senior Executive, financial services organization