Women’s Empowerment Workshops

Are you feeling saddled with responsibility or drained from day-to-day activities? Are you eager for greater life satisfaction? Do you want to better understand your purpose and value?
Through SCP’s individual and group coaching programs, you will:
  • Determine what makes you personally thrive
  • Increase your sense of self-worth
  • Gain tips for executing against those ideas within the context of your busy life
  • Identify the strong moments in your day and develop a strategy for increasing these energizing activities
  • Learn how to approach day-to-day tasks with more enjoyment and likelihood of fulfillment
  • Create more meaningful connection with friends, family and co-workers
Attend a Workshop

Do you clearly understand your strengths, and are you able to use them productively and routinely? Could you use some guidance for making wise personal or professional choices? Do you know how you can maximize your strengths with your children, co-workers, committee partners, and friends?

Smart women want direction, intellectual stimulation, resilience, purpose, passion, work/family balance, courage to make a change, and their own definition of success.

Join a unique, well-regarded women’s workshop for your own discovery and inspiration. You will take invaluable online strength assessments and learn through suggested reading assignments.

Colleen Boselli, Executive Coach (and mother of four), has been conducting these popular programs for many years in the U.S. and in Europe – with corporate audiences and with local female groups. Previous participants have had very enthusiastic praise for the learning and experience.

“We go through life finding what we are most good at by trial and error in various situations — with Colleen’s guidance and the assessment tools she uses — you will know where your talents lie and be able to articulate them clearly — as your strength and weakness areas get mapped out right in front of you. Then you can CREATE the situations where you flourish. Very insightful!”

-LH, Cohasset