Empower Your Midlife: Maximizing Strengths for Purposeful Happiness

In the dynamic phase of midlife, spanning ages 45 to 75, women grapple with profound inquiries—direction, well-being, resilience, purpose, passion, community, courage, and change. The solutions lie within us, waiting to be unearthed through dedicated exploration, thoughtful reflection, and the courage to experiment with small steps.

Embark on a transformative experience with a select group of like-minded women, where fresh perspectives and empowerment converge. Benefit from the wisdom of acknowledged “experts” and draw inspiration that sparks your thinking. Partake in a comprehensive Strengths Profile assessment and delve into the insightful books, Build the Life You Want and Learning to Love Midlife. This will be an engaging space for a group of eight local women, fostering exploration and camaraderie around the dining room table.

build the life you want book cover
learning to love in midlife book cover

Colleen Boselli, an Executive Coach and mother of four adult children, brings her wealth of experience to guide this meaningful workshop. Having conducted successful programs for many years, she has garnered enthusiastic involvement and feedback from past participants.

There will be 6 thought-provoking sessions, scheduled every other Wednesday on April 3, 17, May 1, May 15, May 29, and June 12. You can choose either the morning workshop series from 10:30 am to 12:30 pm or the evening workshop series from 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm. These sessions will be held in person in Osterville, Massachusetts.

Invest in your journey with a program fee of $100, covering the Strengths Profile assessment and two books. Payment arrangements can be made via email with colleen@strengthcatalyst.com.

“We go through life finding what we are most good at by trial and error in various situations — with Colleen’s guidance and the assessment tools she uses — you will know where your talents lie and be able to articulate them clearly — as your strength and weakness areas get mapped out right in front of you. Then you can CREATE the situations where you flourish. Very insightful!”

-LH, Cohasset