Personal Coaching

SCP’s Personal Coaching programs focus on individual needs and goals in order to help clients feel confident and empowered to take either small steps — or life-altering decisions. Our services include programs that help you strengthen your outlook and approach, accelerate your career, or manage your life in transition.
Manage Your Life in Transition

Are you currently outside of the workforce and looking to return — in some shape or form? Have you identified an interesting opportunity but are unsure how to proceed? We can help you:

  • Develop strategies unique to your strengths, convictions, and priorities.
  • Determine how to effectively position your previous experiences and leverage your value.
  • Make choices according to what needs to be done AND what gives you energy.
  • Define what work/life balance means to you and learn how to prioritize your time relative to your strengths and to the demands inside/outside the workplace.
Accelerate Your Career

Are you contemplating a career change? Do you need management and leadership development beyond what your current organization can offer you? Are you eager to have confidential conversations, somewhat separated from your current working environment? SCP coaching can help you:

  • Define or re-examine your short- and long-term goals.
  • Identify the triggers of workplace stress and create realistic strategies to “manage” your work/life.
  • Confidently and effectively present yourself on your next job interview.
  • Build stakeholder rapport, better engage with your audience and effectively deliver your message.
  • Discover what truly energizes you and sets you up for achieving greater satisfaction.
  • Brainstorm new ideas and find solutions to thorny challenges.
  • Maintain your authentic voice while enhancing your thinking and communication effectiveness.
  • Turn challenging situations into comfortable scenarios and excellent learning experiences.

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