Corporate Acclimation Coaching

A critical resource for your leaders, managers and valuable employees

As the pandemic comes under better control, corporate professionals are facing complicated decisions about returning to their former workplaces and routines. Likely shifts to a hybrid work model are evoking strong and diverse emotions. As people consider the implications of potential or probable scenarios, their professional and personal boundaries are becoming even more blurry. A return to the predictable routine and to office-based relationship-building is attractive, but at what cost? These are unprecedented times. Clearly, there is a lot to consider and the stakes are very high.

The “new normal” is unsettling, uncomfortable, and full of uncertainty. Any unfolding scenarios are likely to be fluid since there are not likely to be one-size-fits-all, steadfast solutions. Change — especially on a constant basis —  is just plain hard. How can your organization’s leadership be thoughtful and supportive? Executive Coaching is an impactful, smart solution for partnership support.

SCP’s Corporate Acclimation Coaching is designed for:

  • Decision-makers with the daunting responsibility to create a vision for return-to-office, hybrid, and/or remote working.
  • Managers and administrators with accountability for navigating, executing, and adapting the plans.
  • Employees, at every level, who have many complicated factors to consider as they make short-term and long-term decisions.
  • Your leaders carry an unprecedented, heavy burden. They are role models. And, they have their own struggles to manage at the same time that they are making (sometimes unpopular) impactful decisions. Their level of authority and challenge calls for objective, dedicated, and confidential services. Acclimation coaching provides trustworthy, mature support to leaders and managers at this critical time.
  • A percentage of your employees will be excited to get back into the good ole routine … at least for a while. However, some of your valued employees are a flight risk. A meaningful portion will be resentful or disappointed. Others will be distracted and less engaged. Your company will not flourish when its primary assets are feeling unsettled. Acclimation coaching offers confidential, empathetic, productive support for high-value employees at this critical time.
Strength Catalyst Partners are highly skilled, experienced executive coaches who also have decades of “real world” corporate business experience and have survived working parenthood too. We have coached hundreds of business professionals through job transitions and return-to-work plans. We have supported women going into and returning from maternity leave. We have created programs to acclimate ex-pats to new environments. We know how resilience is uniquely defined for every individual. We are widely recognized for our ability to help our clients maximize their strengths, for whatever challenge or opportunity is at hand.

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This transition-focused executive coaching enables individuals —  at any level of your organization — to acclimatize themselves. Our services can be obtained in a variety of forms:

Option 1: Women-Empowering-Women Coaching Package
This program provides targeted support —  from our very experienced female coaches — to help ensure you have equity and opportunity for the women in your organization to thrive.
  • Leadership thought-partnering. Coaching is provided to your senior staff who have the opportunity to create a workplace in which women are supported effectively. This program offers at least 3 hours of coaching for each leader.
  • Coaching specifically for your women. This support is designed to help your female employees manage challenges such as re-entry to the workforce, continued career growth, and navigating complex demands. Each woman is offered 6 one-hour coaching sessions.
  • Additional services
    • Email support as desired between scheduled coaching sessions
    • Strengths Profile assessments for leaders and female participants, as desired
Option 2: Broad Support Coaching Package

This provides confidential support at all levels of your organization.

  • Leadership thought-partnering. This is for your leader(s) who are steering the ship. For these front-line directors, we offer individual one-hour coaching sessions. Meetings can be scheduled with a frequency that matches your urgency and ongoing needs. This package includes 6 hours of coaching for 1 leader.
  • Manager support. This is for the people who are deftly and strategically executing the decisions made by your leadership — while also navigating the concerns and desires of your high-performing teams. In this option, 4 individuals are each offered 4 one-hour coaching sessions to help them be effective in the hot seat.
  • Drop-in.  Coaches are available for the scheduling of 15 one-hour coaching sessions for any employee who wants the support. This is offered to either a wide variety of your employee base or to your pre-selected group.
  • Additional services
    • Email support as desired between scheduled coaching sessions 
    • Strengths Profile assessments for leaders and managers, as desired
Option 3: In-The-Hot-Seat Coaching Package
  • Manager support (as outlined above) with 5 one-hour sessions of coaching each — for 6 managers.
  • Additional services
    • Strengths Profile assessment for each manager, as desired 
    • Email support as desired between scheduled coaching sessions
Option 4: As-You-Need-It Coaching Package
  • Drop-in support (as outlined above) with 20 one-hour coaching sessions for your desired variety of employees who are interested in this support.
  • Additional services
    • Strengths Profile assessment for any participant
    • Email support as desired between scheduled coaching sessions
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