Leadership Development

What does your style of leadership communicate to your direct reports, peers, stakeholders and management team? How can you distinguish yourself from your peers? What approach will best help you achieve your professional and personal goals while effectively meeting the needs of your organization?
If you are a seasoned professional looking to enhance, create or define your brand of leadership, Strength Catalyst Partners can help:
  • Maximize your leadership style by creating your strengths-based, authentic “brand me.”
  • Establish meaningful individual and team goals.
  • Build the foundation and personal positioning for a meaningful long-term career path.
  • Learn how to effectively manage and influence stakeholders. Collect, synthesize and address 360 feedback.
  • Shape your communication style and areas of focus to meet the desires and expectations of senior management.
  • Resolve interpersonal conflict.
  • Define and achieve work/life balance.

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