CEO Development

Do you feel isolated at the top of your organization? Could you benefit from a trusted strategic partner with whom you can confidentially discuss your hopes and fears? Seasoned SCP executive coaches will productively challenge your thinking and stimulate your creativity.  Receive personalized coaching scheduled as mini engagements or as day long intense meetings-of-the-mind. Format is customized to the schedule of the busy leader.
Goals may include:
  • Creating motivating strategies in response to feedback on managerial and leadership effectiveness.
  • Developing and maintaining highly effective board-level relationships.
  • Delivering engaging presentations to large audiences by defining your intended outcome, creating  relevant, motivating content, and polishing your delivery for the greatest impact.
  • Leveraging vital relationships within the industry. Effectively managing your sphere of influence with powerful thought leadership themes.
  • Effectively communicating transition within the organization  — be a catalyst for meaningful change.
  • Defining exit strategies and succession plans.

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