Communication Skills Development

Our core focus is on clear, persuasive and compelling communication of ideas when presenting, leading meetings, and writing emails, proposals, etc. Through one-on-one coaching and group workshops, we work with clients virtually or in-person to help them creatively capture and present their ideas for impactful results.
Presentation Skills

Does your team leader need to be more effective or persuasive in delivering his/her or the group’s ideas? Is your team lacking the confidence to create and deliver impactful face-to-face presentations? Does your team struggle with creating well-balanced, organized content that is relevant to their intended audience? SCP helps individuals and teams:

  • Move away from the podium, to deliver more dynamic, engaging content
  • Create an “on stage” presence that captures the audience’s attention
  • Develop a deeper understanding of the audience and its needs, resulting in more relevant, persuasive presentations
  • Gain control and build comfort with public speaking, eliminating nervous tendencies 
Writing Skills

Is your team searching for its own unique writing style? Are they looking for tools to be more persuasive? Are they defining the audience and setting the objective for each document before putting pen to paper? Do they have a clear understanding of the reader and their needs? SCP’s writing skills workshops help writers:

  • Understand and address the reader first
  • Create clear and concise content, using fewer words
  • Develop the right tone (formal vs. casual) for the intended audience
  • Spur the reader to respond and/or take the requested action
  • Eliminate timely drafting and editing

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